Nautilus Diamond

When the watch is combined with precious metal material, it is even more addictive. Today, brings you the replica diamond patek philippe nautilus 5722G watch, giving you a more detailed look at the ultimate charm of the diamond watch.

The diamond patek philippe nautilus replica 5722 watch. 1:1 All features, as with the original with horizontal embossed pattern, with a fluorescent scale, 40mm diameter. 316L steel plated gold, sapphire mirror. The 5722 and 5724 models are Swarovski drills, which are shiny and temperamental. In the current technology as close to the original as possible, this watch allows you to control all occasions.

The diamond patek philippe nautilus replica 5722G The deep blue color on the dial surface is very perfect. It has the same effect as the genuine one. The forging is exquisite three-dimensional, texture is full, the polished nails on the surface of the dial are finely polished, three-dimensional, and three small.

The compact dial of the dial is flat and detailed, the length of the three pointers is the same as the genuine ones, the arc of the rod shape is polished perfectly, the font on the disk is printed clearly, and the original effect is perfectly restored.

The replica diamond patek philippe nautilus 5719/1G-001. Class A shell, the bottom of the shell is clearly marked, the movement 9015 to 324C, ultra-thin thickness of only 10mm. Nautilus is born so far, its appearance is almost any change, but sought after it People have never reduced. The octagonal bezel is inlaid with a sapphire crystal. The bezel has a certain amount of solitude and the rounded corners are rather round. It makes it look like a circle, making it difficult to understand. Diamond patek philippe nautilus 5719 replica leather strap, line neat and meticulous, tie service wrist, with the brand watch buckle polished after grinding, marking the middle of the seal, spacing and authentic consistent, full texture.